The collection of hazardous waste has been regulated in PP 101 of 2014 concerning Hazardous Waste Management

Article 31, Every person who generates waste is obliged to collect the B3 waste produced. Article 32 In the event that everyone who generates B3 waste is unable to collect the waste produced by the LB3 Collector:


– LB3 generator

– Business entities that carry out LB3 collection activities).



B3 waste collection is an activity to collect hazardous waste from a hazardous waste producer before handing it over to a hazardous waste user, a hazardous waste processor, and / or a hazardous waste dumpster.

Facilities in the collection building must be equipped with:

– fire fighting equipment and systems;

– backup power plants;

– first aid facilities;

– communication equipment;

– warehouse where equipment and supplies are stored;

– emergency doors and alarms.