Generated from hardworking in E-Waste Business as
collector, transporter, E-Waste utilization, and
final disposal.

To develop E-Waste business for more than 10 years
is really like Beatles Band said “Long and Winding Road”.

We endeavor to do many socialization to
E-Waste generator such as producers,
OEMs, distributors, even to government institutions
to send their E-Waste to us for handling the E-Waste
in environmental manner.

Here you are in Mukti, as representative reality of
E-Waste management in Indonesia. We are really concern
about the environment for our next generation,
not only business.

We share in our program thru our Future Plan and
Action Highlight, one of which is Local People Empowerment,
we give opportunity to people surround us to cooperate
and contribute and give them knowledge on how to handle
E-Waste in proper way.


It is the producer who is responsible for their hazardous
waste until its final disposal/recovery. Using unlicensed
company or company who fail to dispose of the waste
properly can result in heavy penalties and possible
environmental contamination. Save our Generation!

This company is born out of our love for the environment. Perhaps many people are thinking, that managing waste is dirty work. Here we show that with good management, garbage and waste can be handled in a manner that is clean and healthy for humans and the environment.
Developing the same concept, and sharing knowledge with other local people on how to handle waste especially Electronic, Electrical, Equipment (EEE-Waste), we do by empowering local people around the location where we are exciting, to be involved in becoming a worker in our company.
In 2015, as a form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Ciamis District, we developed a 400 ha Plantation with full involvement of workers from local village communities.
As long the waste management and waste doing properly, we believe will reduce the heavy burden on the earth, and guarantee its sustainability for the future.
After we have run this company for more than 10 years, currently at Recycling Ecopark, we invite and shared to the next generation understanding how to handle waste good and properly, so will give awareness of the love for the environment.
We also take care of our commitment to be close and to provide the best service for our clients all over Indonesia, by opening Drop off Point (DOP) network which in 2017 has reached as many as 39 DOP throughout the archipelago, and we will continue to develop to other places.