PT. Mukti Mandiri Lestari provides transportation services/transportation of waste which includes hazardous / electronic waste and communication,

The transportation of hazardous waste is regulated in PP 101 of 2014 concerning Hazardous Waste Management: Art 47 The transportation of the hazardous waste must be carried out by: closed transportation means for hazardous waste category

1. transportation means open for category

2 hazardous waste.

Hazardous Waste Transportation Requirements – Have a Transport Recommendation from KLHK (valid for 5 years)

– Have a Transport Permit from the Ministry of Transportation (valid for 1 year)

– Transportation of B3 waste must use a hazardous waste manifest / document

– Transport by producers from outside their working area to the producer location must have a recommendationĀ  without change of certificate, without insurance but still using manifest.

– Transport by producers within their working area and not by public roadsĀ  is not required recommendation, but obliged to make a report on the movement of B3 waste.

Hazardous Waste Transportation Requirements

– The B3 waste packaging being transported must have a B3 waste symbol and label

– Hazardous waste must be covered with rain and / or direct sunlight

– Transportation equipment is adjusted to the B3 waste to be transported

– Install SOP for emergency response and SOP for loading & unloading – Has an emergency response tool – Radio communication as a means of communication with the operation control center