Experienced in waste management more than 10 years, at 1997 named CV. Mukti Mandiri, were growth become PT. Mukti Mandiri Lestari and incorporated in 2004, MUKTI is pioner a leading for Integrated Waste Management Solutions (IWMS), and e-waste management solutions provider, with a strong presence in Indonesia, and most advanced till now.

We believe that the proliferation of technology does not have to come at a cost to the environment. Environmental sustainability can be achieved through the practice of more elegant handling especialy for e-waste.

As such, the solutions we offer go beyond recycling of electronic, electrical and equipment waste disposal management, to Including all aspects of legality in the management of waste disposal handling (Turnkey Service). Our customers include manufacturers, OEMs, large multinational enterprises, service providers, local government agencies and communities.

Customers value us for the flexibility we demonstrate in customizing solutions that are tailored to their unique needs, and for our compliance to legislative and regulatory requirements. Our commitment to deliver these services promptly and reliably, our robust yet streamlined operations and our emphasis on audit and transparency make us an ideal partner for your e-waste disposal needs.