Responsibilities of Consumer or Bulk Consumer
  • Consumers of electrical and electronic equipment shall ensure that e-waste are deposited with the dealer or authorized collection centers.
  • Bulk consumers of electrical and electronic equipment shall ensure that e-waste are auctioned to or deposited with the dealer or authorized collection centers or refurbisher or registered dismantler or recyclers or avail the pick-up or take back services provided by the producers;
  • Every producer(s), dealer(s), collection centre(s), refurbisher(s), dismantler(s), recycler(s), auctioneer(s) consumer(s) or bulk consumer(s) shall not import used electrical and electronic equipment in Indonesia for use


E-waste or electronic waste refers to old electrical ,electronic equipment that have reached the end of their life. E-waste contains numerous toxins, which if not disposed in an appropriate manner can cause environmental pollution and health hazards. Apart from toxins e-waste also contains resources like metals and rare earths which can be recovered and reused. Proper recycling of e-waste can help ensure that these resources are extracted from e-waste while the toxins are disposed responsibly.


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Protect The Environment

  • Collection of e-waste generated during the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment and channelizing the same for recycling or disposal.
  • Collection of e-waste generated from the ‘end of life’ of their products in line with the principle of ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’ (EPR), and to ensure that such e-wastes are channelized to registered refurbisher or dismantler or recycler.